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  1. Tyco Splice Kits

    I discovered the Tyco Electronics Romex Splice Kit at Home Depot: The description says NEC approved for splicing two wires without a junction box. Does anyone know...
  2. 220 Exterior Wiring being spliced

    I'm having some irrigation installed. The installer cut through a 220 in ground line. They said it would be ok to splice it and put silicone around it. I'm concerned about the safety since the line is connected to an outlet in a detached garage that contains 2 kilns that run on the 220...
  3. Proper way to splice wires

    Hi all, I am currently rewiring a big part of my house to replace old ungrounded cables with proper grounded wires. Last week I had the opportunity to ask an electrician a few questions; one of those was "Is it ok to splice wire in a junction box with electrical tape ?" His answer was...
  4. splicing electrical

    I'm remodeling the bathroom in my 1954 house and I need to move a light fixture in around 16" to the left so it will be centered over my vanity. I want to install a new box on the stud where the light will go and splice the wiring from the original source. The wiring coming out of the original...