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  1. Best way to splice 6 gauge wire?

    What is the best way to splice/connect 6awg THHN wire in a junction box? TIA, JC
  2. Identifying wire gauge and type

    I have a steampunk pipe lamp I bought from a Chinese company. I need to splice a longer wire to the wire that came with the pipe. Knowing very little about wire, I can't identify the type. The only readable imprint is the name of the city it came from. It is in a black sheath, un-shielded and...
  3. 220v Can pigtails be used to extend wiring?

    I am replacing an electric stove with a gas stove. Currently, a 220v electrical line comes into the house through a hole right behind the stove. I want to pull the wires out so we can run a gas line through the same hole. If I cut the electrical wires and enclose them in a box up by the roof...
  4. Outlet Box

    I have an outlet box in my attic controlled by a switch in the kitchen. I originally had some low voltage ceiling lights plugged into the outlet in the attic and I could of course turn them on and off by the switch in the kitchen. Now I am replacing the low voltage lights with 75 watt LED...
  5. Main Beam splice over lally column

    Building & Construction
    I have a noticeable hump in my floor that I noticed is from joists that are supported where the main beam is spliced. All 3 2x12s are spliced over the same lally column and appear to be deflecting up causing the joist hump. Is it normal to splice all 3 boards over one lally column? I...
  6. beam splice

    Building & Construction
    I am carrying a span of 26 ft with with 4-ply 2x10's. I need to put two splices in the beam based on my materials and I am wondering if there is any general minimum requirements on how far apart the splices have to be?
  7. Splice 6X6 Post?

    Last month, I cemented in two 10-foot 6x6 posts to use as supports for a small pergola over my garden bench. Due to family issues, I was not able to get back to the project until this last weekend. To my dismay, one post was bent forward at the top, but was still square. The other post was...
  8. i have a wiring question. thx.

    hi. i'm doing a diy backlit sign. i'm using a bunch of led lights from ikea. i'm using about 8 of them. but they all have individual transformers. can i splice all the wires AFTER the transformer (between transformer and wall plug) so that i only have one plug to plug in instead of the 8...
  9. Nicked Romex in demo... splice or re-run?

    Hey all... was ripping out drywall in the kitchen... slow going... brought out the reciprocal saw to speed things up... thought I mapped out all the lines in the wall... ... and of course, nicked the supply line feeding the outlet the saw was plugged into (how I knew, of course) and its out...
  10. Splice and wire-nut in panel, ok ?

    Right now there is a double (single breaker, two single poles) which the bed room and living room (i think) are on. I would like to take the bedroom off that and put it on an arc-fault but nether the hot or neutral are long enough to move any where else. What i would like to do is replace a...