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spiral staircase

  1. New rough opening to basement - spiral staircase

    Building & Construction
    I'm cutting a new rough opening in my floor for a spiral staircase. Please corroborate my findings if you can: A 61" staircase is about the minimum width necessary to achieve the 26" code minimum distance between the railing and the center pole The opening for this staircase should be about 4"...
  2. Half-Wall/Sub-Wall around Spiral Staircase

    Hey Everbody! I have put a spiral staircase in my house, and now am onto the final touches. I need to close in the staircase, so i'm hoping to build a half wall around it, with a nice hard maple cap, and a gate for entry. I have never built a half-wall before, and am weary about how sturdy it...
  3. Spiral staircase possible with 20" x 21" opening?

    Building & Construction
    Hey all -- we're in the midst of converting our basement into a recording studio. The original entrance is an outdoor staircase that leads around to the back of the house, but we wanted quicker access and decided to make a "hatch" system from upstairs. The hole is cut and we're using a ladder...