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  1. Ceiling speakers wiring / hookup guidance

    When I bought my home, it came with speakers in the ceiling and it wasn't really something I was interested in using at the time but I'm thinking about checking if they work and if so, maybe using them, if not, then removing them. I bought a receiver for $40 at a yard sale just to try things out...
  2. How to create a tiny sound player / speaker?

    Hi guys. I'm an artist from Toronto who has no electrical experience, but I need to incorporate it in my next art project which may also have its own exhibit. I have NO idea where to begin and if somebody could teach me how to create what I need and make it work (from other items / scratch /...
  3. Sealing Conduit

    How would I seal the top of the pvc conduit so no water gets in. It is 1/2" and has speaker wire coming out of the top for a speaker on a 2x4. The conduit faces straight up. What would I use? It is standard 14ga speaker wire if that even makes a difference. Links are helpful. Thanks