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speaker wire

  1. How to locate pre-wired speaker wires

    Home Theater
    I bought a 2-years new home with home theater 5+1 pre-wired. My agent told me the speaker wires were on the ceiling and can be found easily using a magnet. I tried and no luck. Is there any device i should use in order to locate the speaker wires above ceiling. I know they normally covered by a...
  2. Type of Speaker Cables to use in hot attic

    Hi all, I plan on installing 7.1 home theater speaker wires in the attic, using a 7.1 connector box from Home Depot/Lowes at the Receiver end. From there, connect receiver to in-wall box with original factory speaker wires. From the box, use new cable in attic and to outlets at each speaker...
  3. Wires from attic to spot in the wall

    im going to run speaker wire from wall in bedroom through the attic the back down into the other wall on the other side of the room. How, when i am in the attic, do i figure out which wall i am technically standing over.
  4. Speaker wire in walls

    Home Theater
    Hey there... I've been redoing a kitchen, and the sheetrock is down, and the other side of one wall is my living room... so I'm thinking a good time to run some surround sound wiring like I've always wanted to do. Anything I need to worry about here in regards to electrical wiring in that wall...