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  1. Need help picking out a space heater!

    Hello, My old "Weatherworks" milkhouse-style heater finally ceased to function. For two years the switch did not work properly, and the plug was getting very hot after thirty minutes of use. I only use it to heat my room up before i go to bed, then i turn it off. I'd use a space heater for...
  2. Cost efficiency of electric fireplace vs oil heat

    I am renting a 750 square foot house. The living room opens out to the kitchen. The bedroom, bathroom, and small dining room have doors to close them off. It is very small, old house with 5 rooms in total. I've covered up all of the drafty windows with plastic. The heating for the house is oil...
  3. Connector for Japanese gas heater

    I bought a Japanese natural gas space heater. It has a strange looking connector in the back so I am not sure how to connect it to US gas connectors (see picture) I like to use a brasscraft kind of yellow flex connector to connect this heater to to my natural gas supply line coming to my...
  4. How To Make a Candle-Powered Space Heater

    How To Guides
    Here's a tutorial I made on how to make your own space heater powered by only a candle. It works pretty well for small spaces - not a whole house. Check it out, I have a video tutorial included. All you need are a few terra cotta pots, nuts, washers, and a bolt. Costed me about 4 bucks total...
  5. Half of my outlets and lights went out last night

    Hello, Sometime during last night the space heaters in our bedroom and our son's bedroom stopped working (as did the fan plugged into our space heater's outlet). The smaller space heater in our daughter's room (and the monitor plugged into it) continued to work through the night. Early this...
  6. Any experience with Hydrosil heaters?

    Does anyone have any experience with Hydrosil heaters? Looking to supplement existing heat in our family room with something electric and portable. Their prices seem high but they are the only company I've seen with a lifetime warranty on their heaters.
  7. Sub-panel for 3 space heaters

    Hello Electric Experts, I have questions, questions and more questions. I am planning to extend my 200A main panel to a sub-panel about 40 feet away. The sub-panel will power three (for now) space heaters . All heaters are 240 VAC appliances and require 15A, 15A and 25A. I expect to connect...