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sound proofing

  1. Hanging 2 sheets of drywall for ceiling

    Drywall & Plaster
    I am in the process of buying a house and I plan to put in a legal secondary suite in the lower level. I want to improve the ceiling downstairs for sound as well as fire rating (fire rating easier than sound I believe). I don't believe there is insulation between the joists downstairs so I am...
  2. Add Soundboard and Sheetrock to Existing Wall for Better Soundproofing?

    Drywall & Plaster
    The apartment owner is going to convert the next door apartment's garage into a bedroom for that apartment. That room shares a common wall with my main living space. I stay up late nights (really late) watching videos, listening to music and have the occasional coughing/hacking jag associated...
  3. Insulate (sound proof) water pump

    Good day, I am trying to figure out a way to reduce the sound of our water pump switching on and off. Our water pump sits on top of our water pressure tank, which sits in the utility closet with our water heater and washer and dryer. A room about 4'w x 12'l x 8'h. The doors to the room...
  4. Budget Sound Proofing

    Building & Construction
    I read on a blog a couple of steps that you can take to make an area a little more sound proofed. Essentially it was take some sort of material- sheetrock- and attach it will sound dampening adhesive. Along with the obvious things like using materials around the room to absorb sound, a door...
  5. Insulation in basement ceiling for soundproofing -- will basement be too cold?

    I'm in the middle of a basement remodel where I've taken down some walls to open up the floor plan, and removed all the drywall in the basement ceiling to do some major lighting and electrical changes. I'm considering adding some insulation to the basement ceiling for soundproofing purposes...
  6. ceramic tile over OSB

    Hi, We are building a new construction 2 story home over an existing walkout basement. The main level subfloor joists are older 2x10 solid lumber @ 16"oc with new 3/4 T&G OSB cover. The span is 14ft each side of the supported centerline. On this floor we want to put ceramic tile in the...
  7. Sound Proofing between Basement & Main

    I am remodeling my basement and would like to make as much sound separation between the master bedroom and guest bedroom directly below it. What would you suggest?
  8. Sound Deadening Basement Ceiling

    Drywall & Plaster
    Sound Deadening / Reduction I have a two story house with hard wood flooring up stairs TGI floor joist with R19 insulation between the joists and one layer of traditional sheet-rock on the basement walls ½” and ceiling 5/8”. I would like to reduce the sound of footsteps from the main floor...
  9. Soundproof Floor

    Hello, I would be grateful for some help. i need to soundproof a floor prior to a rug installation. i need to reduce the sound coming up from the tenant below. this is a 2 floor building with old funky construction. the lower unit was designed for storage with low ceilings and has been...
  10. Laminate Floor Underlayment Question

    I have been thinking about putting down some laminate flooring in my family room. Looking at the options for underlayment have left me with a question on vapour barriers. The room is high traffic, but we dont spend anytime in it (No chairs) its more a pass through to other areas of the house...
  11. Sound Proofing Drywall

    Building & Construction
    I used ½ Quiet Rock Drywall as recommended by the company on a wall between two apt. units. The QR drywall was installed by drywall installers per product instructions over the original wall. Which was drywall covered with ¼ plaster on wood 2x4 studs. The building was constructed in 1968. I can...