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  1. Solenoid cycle

    I'm wanting to run an automated air pressure test and can anyone help or recommend anything? I want it to be a cycle and open a valve for about 5 seconds and shut it off for 5 seconds, repeating this 10,000 times. As of this moment I was thinking I would need a solenoid attached to a timer...
  2. Replaced a Reversing Valve Coil - 3 days later, Thermostat Blank!

    Hi everybody, I was visiting my sister in South Carolina earlier this week and heard her Heat Pump buzzing while not in operation. The fixxer upper in me said, that doesn't seem right. A little googling and quick trial and error pointed me to the reversing valve coil. With the 220v pulled, the...
  3. Solenoid Wiring w/plug Help Needed

    I am looking for somebody who can help me with wiring of solenoids with a plug so that I can get a push/pull when the solenoids are getting electrical power. This electrical power will be supplied through a switch board that will have a plug attached with a wired solenoid. At the end of the day...
  4. Dynamo Hub to power Solenoid Actuator Clutch

    I'm designing a clutch for a pedal bicycle that will be engaged by the actuation of a solenoid linear actuator. The actuator is to recieve its power from a battery pack charged by one or two Dynamo hubs as the rider pedals. My question, being a mechanical engineer, is what advice or comments...
  5. Any encounter this gas furnace problem? with video!

    It seems to me that the gas flow is being interupted. I have heard that there is a thermocoupling or some solenoid interupting the flow of gas. Considering that this problem has to do with the gas flow I think its best left for the professionals. Anyone ever encountered this same issue before...
  6. Need Help wiring 24VAC Sprinkler System

    Background Info: I have just expanded my already huge sprinkler system (16+ zones). The old timer only controlled 12 zones so I added an additional timer to control the new valves/solenoid. Each timer needs to output 24VAC to the main valve solenoid and one respective valve (without the main...