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  1. Framing Plan Software

    Building & Construction
    Hi, I'm renovating a house. It's not a huge lift but there are some aspects that require some thought to plan correctly. There is not however, anything that would require an architect. (And an architect or general contractor is outside of my budget at this point, to be honest.) It's a cape...
  2. remodeling software

    I am trying to get some construction design software to help me do a kitchen addition to my house, i want easy to use, with framing details, and possibly free, lol. The online choices i looked in to so far are outrageously expensive, and there are so many to chose from that i get a migraine...
  3. Useful Software and Websites

    PC Repairs & Upgrades
    Here's a couple to get this thread started. I know hundreds of sites and pieces of software . The Command Prompt is one of the most useful things on your computer. You can do almost anything you want with it-- INCLUDING things that you cannot access through Windows Settings / Control Panel /...
  4. Chief Architect lights problem

    Building & Construction
    Hi. I'm designing a house, and have placed alot of lights around, but when I go into 3D view, or even raytracing, only 8 lights are active. I can't seem to figure out how to get the others on, been thru all of the settings I can find and looked for anything that might have something to do with...
  5. How to connect to redlink via PC or Mac?

    Honeywell claims in all its literature that you can control a redlink system via PC, Android or Apple IOS . Well I can find the apps for android and apple smartphones, but can find nothing that would allow me to control the system via Windows PC or Macintosh. So, is Honeywell lying or is...
  6. Building own home. Any software?

    I am wanting to place a rambler style 1500 SF home on a lot and am wondering if anyone knows of any software that I can get that will help me design the home. I'm hoping to find a software that will design from beginning to finish, meaning foundation to roof vents to interior and paint all...
  7. Suggest a decent landscape software

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I have been looking for a free copy of software that will help me design my back and front yard. I am trying to be cheap but if there aren't any free ones out there worth having can someone recommend one under $80? Thanks, Shawn
  8. Good Backup Software for Windows?

    Off Topic
    Hi, there was a fire last week and my computer was damaged. I bought a new one but all my data was lost. I had never used backup software before but I will definitely need it. So I'm looking for a really simple to use backup software for my new Windows 7 PC. Can anyone recommend a backup...
  9. CAD(?) software that draws in the studs

    Building & Construction
    Is there a cad program(?) that has basic building materials already drawn out ... 2x4's, 2x6's, 4x8 sheets, etc ... so that all you need to do is drag the items to a location and they will fall into place? If not, is there a program that is simple enough to draw a basic frame structure without...
  10. Best 3D walk-though Software?

    General DIY Discussions
    Hello, i was hoping someone can help me out. I am looking for a program for my computer where i can draw out a floor plan and build interior walls and when im done, i can do a 3D walk though of the interior and exterior, and it shows everything in detail from where the coffee table is to what...