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  1. HVAC
    A few days ago I came across this admonition (from a vent manufacturer's website) - "Never mix two different types of attic EXHAUST vents on the same roof above a common attic (wind turbines, roof-top louvers/box vents, gable-end louvers, ridge vents or power fans). Doing so can short-circuit...
  2. HVAC
    First, thanks to everyone giving advice on here. Getting the knowledge before starting a project is so empowering to a new homeowner like me. My South Louisiana home- built circa 1968- was unbearably hot during the summer months. It is about 1850 sq. ft., all one level, and completely...
  3. Roofing/Siding
    We recently had our roof redone but several of our soffit vents were 8 x 48 inches. We need help in locating this size for replacements. Can anyone help? These are just plain vented covers to go over the vent holes in the soffit. Please help.
  4. Roofing/Siding
    My house was built in 1980, and has beautiful aluminum soffit. However, there appears to be no venting in the soffit. Is it possible, or practical to remove some soffit panels and replace them with vented soffit? Would I have to remove the gutters and facia to do this? thanks
  5. Building & Construction
    I purchased a 1920s-era house in 2009 that has some interesting issues I am trying to resolve on a bit of a shoe-string budget. The issue that I am soliciting input regarding is ventilation for the attic. When a significant remodel and addition was executed in 1970, a new hipped-gable roof was...
  6. Building & Construction
    My front porch is basically under my roof and the ceiling of the porch is vinyl soffit venting about 5 ft wide panels of it... well the space above it I need to get into (its a fairly big space about 4 ft high on one end and 5 ft wide......) to fix an insulation problem on the far end of it...
  7. HVAC
    Vancouver Island location - fairly wet mild winters. Is it okay to vent a bathroom fan through an unheated attic space to a soffit vent at the side of the house. Soffit vent would be about 15 feet from the fan - will be using metal ducting to get air from fan to soffit vent.
  8. Roofing/Siding
    I am looking for a fixer-upper in Charleston, South Carolina (think hurricanes and storms). The house I have my eye on has a hip roof. This roof is definitely less aesthetically pleasing than the gable-end roofs around it. I still like the house, though, and understand that the hip roof is...
  9. Roofing/Siding
    my friends mich. addition has no soffits just fascia boards and gutter, he has a contin ridge vent and is planning on installing a(one) gable vent(the other end sits on old roof)...but I'd like to know how to install "soffit" vents when there no overhang. ive looked at drip edge types (which i...
1-9 of 9 Results