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smoke detector

  1. AFCI, smoke detector and outlets

    So, I recently found out that my basement was wired without permits. I've had the inspector in and most of the issues are sorted out. One outstanding item is a circuit that needs to be AFCI protected. This circuit has a smoke detector on it and he says that the smoke detector should not be...
  2. Smoke/CO detector placement in a bedroom

    General DIY Discussions
    What is the best placement for a smoke/CO detector in a bedroom? Ideally I would like the center of the room, however, we have a ceiling fan that also uses CFL bulbs in each of the bedrooms. All three doors for the bedrooms on the level are within four feet of each other. I have a smoke/CO...
  3. Detector

    Is this a carbon monoxide detector? There is nothing written inside or out to tell me. Any one know what model this is? Any info at all would help. Thanks
  4. Wiring smoke detector branched off existing box

    Please refer to the diagram provided. The 14/3 cable (marked blue) coming into BR1 ceiling box is currently joining the continuation that goes into BR2 and the wiring is by simple color matching (black to black, red to red, etc). I need to branch off of BR1 and install a detector in the...
  5. Smoke Detector in Drop Ceiling

    I finally located the hardwired smoke detector hidden above the drop ceiling on the finished side of my basement. Manufactured in 1990! I plan to replace it with a photo-electric smoke/CO detector. The detector is close to the stairwell. The furnace, water heater, washer, and dryer are on the...
  6. Smoke detector false alarm

    Last night at 3AM, we were woken up by our smoke detectors going off. We have a system where the detectors are hardwired together and each has a battery backup. The result is that when one unit reports smoke, the whole house screams at like 120 dB, which is not a great way to wake up... No...
  7. smoke detector position

    are smoke detectors any less effective when they are positioned high on a wall than when they are on the ceiling?
  8. my Firex hard wire smoke alarms have no grounding

    the alarm connector has only a black, white, and red (traveler) wire. the thing is not grounded. i wonder what i need to do with the dangling ground wire in the last unit in the series (i have 4 units on a dedicated circuit). thanks
  9. Smoke Detector without Battery, Vaulted Ceilings

    Can someone help us with this? We live in this wonderful, converted church--Church. New England, old, know where we are going, right? Yes, the beautiful, peaked, vaulted ceilings, 20+ feet high, loved it, and still do. But, three years later, those interconnected smoke...
  10. Smoke detector in garage?

    I am working on starting to install a hardwired CO / Smoke detector system... one CO / Smoke combination detector in each floor... with a smoke detector in all bedrooms and living spaces (living room, office, etc) all these are interconnected... but then I was trying to figure out if the...
  11. Smoke detector wiring?

    Hi, I just purchased my new home and went to install a new wireless smoke detector and found that the one installed (probably from 1975) is wired into something. Can I just pull the wires out? Any dangers here? I can't tell what it is wired into so I would then be leaving some open wires (I...
  12. finding the right smoke detector

    Hey, I moved into my home about 3 years ago. The home was originally built in 2001. Recently (like within the last four months) two of my smoke alarms have gone nuts. Both alarms were model USI-1208, both made in 2001 Dec 08. Apart from these two detectors, there are three others in my...
  13. Hard wire 2 smoke detectors together

    Hello all. I need to know how to properly hard wire together 2 smoke detectors on the same floor so that if one detects a fire, both of them will set off their alarms. I have heard that you a need 3 wire cable to go between both alarms, but I don't know for sure what I need. Also, what...