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  1. Roofing/Siding
    We moved into a house (first time owners) with a new roof a couple of years back. A few things we are noticing and not sure if this is a problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated! The replacement was done before we moved in so no idea who did it. 1. The angle / sloping of the roof is not...
  2. Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I just purchased my first home in a great area. The inside has been completely renovated. My only issue is the yard. I want to turn this into a cozy outdoor living area but I am totally lost on ideas. I would greatly appreciate any tips or suggestions anyone may have.
  3. Drywall & Plaster
    I have some oddities in my house, and since most of my questions are around cracks, I figured I would start there. Here is my bathroom (Hairline crack where you see red) Here is my circuit breaker: What could these type of cracks come from? please note that my circuit breaker is slightly...
  4. Flooring
    Here's the issue: Third floor of my house used to be the roof, a flat roof. House was built in 1885 and a third floor was added around 1920. Apparently they didn't care about the 8" difference over twenty feet. Normally I would pull the sub-floor and sister joists to get my level floor...
1-4 of 4 Results