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  1. Windows and Doors
    Hello, now that my wife is permanently working from home, we need to make her an office. Our dining room is connected to our living room by a divider that has a 96 in opening. 80 inches tall. I would like to put in either bifold or sliding doors to give her privacy. I like the look of French...
  2. Building & Construction
    Hello, In the attached picture I would like to build two sets of sliding doors on their own track but the problem I have run into is I can only find tracks to buy that are specific sizes such as 48 or 72 inches long. The two openings are 91 inches and 93 inches. Does anybody know where to buy...
  3. Electrical
    My canned light fixture can be slid downward when I think it should be absolutely stationary. I'm not talking about the trim ring - I've removed that. It is the can itself that can be slid down about an inch. I would like to install a conversion kit so that I can hang a five-pound pendant...
  4. Windows and Doors
    I have a sliding glass door & it is sliding on the metal track. I know there are a couple of screws near the bottom & on either side. Turning 1 screw seemed to help (helped but not enough) & the other screw on the other side will not turn. Is it ok to spray wd-40 on it? Is that all there is to...
  5. Windows and Doors
    How do I take the fixed pane out?? I have remove the trim pieces, just not sure what to do next. Does not appear there are any fasteners holding it in place. What do the experts think? FYI_ allready lowered wheels, etc. Window will not lift out. Builders aluminum dual pane circa 1992.
1-5 of 5 Results