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  1. Sliding Door to improve tiny box Bedroom ?

    Windows and Doors
    Hi everyone, i am trying to improve my sons tiny boxroom. The door is in the middle of the room and can't be moved so when open it wastes alot of space. I have thought about hanging the door so it opens out into the hall, it would feel awkward but might be worth it so he can have some space...
  2. Sliding Door Problem

    Building & Construction
    Hi Guys! Our sliding door seems to always come off it's roller (actually, I'm just assuming it uses some kind of roller mechanism?) We've taken the whole sliding door out to find the rollers but found nothing at the bottom or the top of the door. I reckon somethings missing from our door but MR...
  3. Exterior sliding doors

    I want to connect a slide to the deck so that the kids can slide off the deck into the backyard. I need to make an opening (of about 3 feet by 3 feet) in the walls of the (5 foot high) deck so that the kids can get on to the slide, but I need to make it secure for the baby crawling around on...
  4. header for Sliding door in basement

    Building & Construction
    I am installing a slider on the back wall of a walkout basement. The door is standard 72"w x 80"h vinyl. My problem is this. The wall is an exterior wall and of course is load bearing. There was an existing roughly 90" picture window in place which i removed and framed back in. This had the...
  5. Doors for Wall to Ceiling Cupboard

    Hi, I am building a wall cupboard - 22' wide by 11'6". For the bottom 8' high section I am putting in 5 sections of doors. The sections are 4',4',4',6',4'. I was planning on putting 2 regular hinged doors on each section but someone has suggested sliding doors which would need to be...