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skim coating

  1. Best primer over level 5 skim coat? PVA vs Gardz vs [insert name here]

    I've researched this as much as I can before posting, but my use case does not seem to have a solid consensus. I have brand new drywall with a skim coat for level 5 smooth finish. I want to use the best primer possible before painting, and looking for options, especially if you have used...
  2. Can I skim coat over my painted popcorn ceiling?

    How To Guides
    In this video I’m going to answer a question I get all the time. Can I skim coat over my painted popcorn ceiling? A lot of times when someone goes to scrape off and remove popcorn ceiling that’s been painted it’s very difficult to remove. If not impossible to scrape off that’s where skim coating...
  3. I can skim coat that wall in less then 10 minutes!

    How To Guides
    I’m on a remodeling project where I’ve installed some new drywall and did the drywall finishing. Now we’re ready to skim coat for a nice smooth finish. So, I figured why not get the skim coating process of just one wall on video and share it with everyone so they can learn just a couple skim...
  4. Skim Coat over Knock-down previously covered by Wallpaper

    Drywall & Plaster
    I am working on a bathroom that originally had knock-down that the previous owners wallpapered over. I removed the wall paper to expose the original knock-down and did my best to remove the glue. I primed the walls and have been skim coating followed by sanding to fill in the knock-down. After...
  5. Concrete on hardiboard

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I have a question for all you tile and mud pros. I'm considering doing a vertical concrete overlay over hardiboard to get a concrete wall effect. It seems like I should use a primer on the hardiboard but its a wet room so I have applied a liquid membrane over the hardiboard. Does anyone know if...
  6. Second topcoat blisters over clean skim coat

    Hi all, I am having a rather irritating problem with paint blistering/bubbling over skim coat. Here's the situation: I recently moved in to a fairly old condo that has a mixture of drywall and concrete walls. All have been painted with several layers of what looks to be semi-gloss oil-based...
  7. Skim coating wood panel disaster

    Hey guys, I'm new to the boards and need some advice on my living room. About a year ago we hired a contractor "friend" to help us remodel our home, there was a living room full of wood paneling at the time. He suggested instead of putting in drywall a cheaper way of getting the same effect...