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single phase

  1. Need help with changing wiring inductor 2hp motor from 110v to 220v

    Hi this is a century electric 2 hp , single phase, dual voltage, inductor motor with centrifugal switch, a starter cap and a run cap. Its wired at 110v but I want to change to 220V which the label diagram says it can be done. The problem is the label is marked coded by color wires but the wires...
  2. Why is applicane comes up connected between ground and live with breaker off?

    There are breakers are on a secondary side of a 240/120 step down (winding type unverified but assumed to be an autotransformer). Terminals on transformer are 2 in and 2 out, no ground terminal. Ground wire from 240V side is joined to ground wire going into 120 V breaker box. Neutral is not...
  3. Need major help with my industrial sewing machine motor

    Hi folks. I recently purchased a Durkopp Adler 558 keyhole buttonhole sewing machine and it currently has a dual shaft 220v triple phase motor powering it. I contacted Durkopp Adler about switching the motor to a 110v, but they were only interested in upselling me. I was told that I would not be...
  4. single phase 120v line is reading 167to 174 volts??

    WHY WOULD ALL THE LINES IN THIS HOUSE READ 167 TO 174 VOLTS?????? I went and installed a new 2stage whole house fan at a clients house. The old one had froze up. He told me to just leave the old 2stage thermostat that was already mounted in the hallway. He didnt want to pay me to install the...
  5. Help: 3-phase to single phase power conversion!

    I'm an engineering student working on a project to build a small hydroelectric energy storage system. We've recently hit some hiccups and are looking for help/advice, and I thought this may be the right place to post. A little background first: 1) The system we're working on consists of a...