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  1. Getting a dribble out of spigot

    I have two outside spigots, one is fine, but one has never worked - foreclosure I bought 2 years ago. I get a dribble. I am unable to find a shutoff to see if it is partially closed. I pulled the guts out of it today and turned the water on with no difference. The guts were 15 inches long so I...
  2. Silver vs. Brass Colored Sillcock

    Does anyone know the difference between the silver and brass colored sillcocks? I've read both descriptions and they both say they're made of brass. Can't tell any difference by reading the descriptions. There must be something as the silver ones are substantially cheaper...
  3. Well, Air in Line, and the Sillcock the culprit?

    Thanks in advance for all the help. I have well water with a pressure tank. The line comes out of the pressure tank and "t's" off to a frost-free sillcock before continuing into our water softener. After winter, and within the last few months, I've noticed a tremendous amount of air in the...
  4. Best way to add supply lines?

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum. I am relatively new to plumbing work as well, especially when it comes to laying down new pipe, which is what I'd like to do. I moved into a turn of the century house about a year ago. I noticed that there is no spigot to which I can connect a...
  5. New Sillcock - Low Flow

    I just installed a new AMERICAN VALVE 10" purchased from Lowes. I originally had a NIBCO brand. I installed this sillcock with (2) GatorBITE Push Fit 1/2" x 1/2" Removable Coupling and aGatorBITE Push Fit 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2" Removable Tee. After assembling I turned on the new sillcock and have a...