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shutoff valve

  1. need suggestions on how to change out the shut-off valve in this picture

    I am going to replace this shut-off valve for the house water supply. As you can see, it goes from PVC, to a (what I think is galvanized) shut-off valve, back to PVC, and then to copper, and that goes into the wall. See picture here: This seems like a bit of a puzzle, because I can't just...
  2. Laundry Shut-Offs

    Building & Construction
    I am finishing my laundry room and would like to surround the machines with cabinets for the built-in look. The cabinets will come down to within an inch of the top of the machines. If I install the shutoffs below the cabinets and behind the machines, the only way to access them will be to pull...
  3. Compression gasket failure.

    Interesting event two days ago: Shutoff valve for the toilet in a bath at home that I put in 8 years ago started to leak. Not huge amounts. Soak the shower rug kind of thing. "Odd", I thought. So I got a pair of wrenches and figured I'd tighten it up a quarter turn. That made it worse. I...
  4. Outside Water Faucets Turnoff Valve

    Hi everyone and thanks for looking at my post. This is my first post here and i'm in desperate need of some help. I recently purchased a house that was built in 2007 but it wasn't completely finished downstairs. I have started to finish off one of the rooms, the laundry room, which is the room...
  5. Installing GatorBite Ball Valve on copper pipes

    DO YOU REMOVE THE BLACK PLASTIC PIECE ON EACH END TO USE WITH COPPER PIPE???? I've spent hours looking for this answer. The product may be great but the instructions are the worst ever. Also packaging shows but none of the item numbers, names or descriptions are...
  6. Clawfoot tub faucet problem + old valve

    I could use some advice--hopefully this is an easy question for somebody. I was going to attempt to fix the hot-water-leaking faucet in our clawfoot tub, but right now I'm stuck at how to turn off the valve underneath the tub. The shut off valve is stuck and I don't want to break it. Our...
  7. Main house water shut off is kaput!

    We just bought a house in the southern US built in 2002 that sat unoccupied for a whole year. It has a well. The water at all faucets was UGLY for a couple weeks but has mostly cleared up after 3 months. Every time we open the outdoor hydrant it gushes black for a couple seconds, then rust...
  8. Outdoor Spigot Leak

    I'm having trouble getting my outdoor spigot to stop leaking. Last week it ruptured so I went in the basement and closed the shutoff valve to it. While it stopped the flooding outside, it's still is leaking at a pretty good rate, at the spigot. The shut off valve hasn't been closed in at least...