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  1. Fin Baseboard Heater shut off

    Hello, I live in an apartment complex and I don't have control of the heat. However it is now 55-70 F outside and the heat is still on creating an 80-90 F apartment. How can I turn off the heat or at least cool the apartment down? I've attached a picture of the unit. Please note their is a red...
  2. Lennox Heater still shutting off after 10 min

    I have a G43UF Lennox heater (6 years old). Two weeks ago, it began shutting off (after 20-30 sec) for the 3 cycles then getting the alternating red/green lights. So I replaced (NEW) the "Flame Sensor", "Ignitor", and cleaned the burner unit. The heater now stays on for 10+ min but eventually...
  3. No shut off for outside faucet

    My house was built sometime around 1920. I have a basement so i can see most of the plumbing lines. I have 1 outside faucet. I've followed that to a spot that has a 90 degree angle with two shut offs. But, when i turn either one of them, it seems to do the same thing, which is turning off...
  4. Toro ZTR Mower Cuts Off!

    I have a Toro zero turn mower that just cuts off after 20 minutes or so of operation. If I disengage the cutting blades as it starts to die, it will usually keep running long enough for me to ride it back to the garage in order to shut it off. Once I do, it won't start again until after...
  5. Leaky key main shut off

    Have a quarter turn key shut off (like a street main shut off) being used as a shut off for a sprinkler system. The valve is about 40 inches below ground. It is in a concrete tube about a foot in diameter with a 10 inch metal lid. Obviously there is no way to reach it without digging it up...