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  1. Need Help. Kohler shower faucet handle not able to turn off the water

    My bathroom has a Kohler Elliston R72783-4-BN single-handle shower faucet and we've been using that for about 4 years. It've been working fine until yesterday. In the middle of shower, the handle got loose and not able to turn off the water. I took out the handle and realized the valve stem...
  2. Mystery Plumbing Problem - Help Needed!

    About a month ago, we started having a strange issue with our shower. The water is running normally, then all of a sudden, the pressure drops to a vibrating trickle, and the pipes start to rattle very loudly, sounds like a jackhammer in the house. It tends to do this when the hot water is...
  3. Looking to upgrade shower to thermostatic control

    Hi gang. I have an old Delta shower control (see pic) and was wondering if there was a relatively easy way to convert it to a thermostatic temperature control. Anyone know if there is any type of drop-in faucet available? I don't want to have to remodel the bathroom just to make this change...
  4. Shower Not Hot Enough

    So, I just moved into this new place and my shower doesn't get hot enough at all. It stops at around luke warm which still causes shivers in the morning. [I saw there was another post about a similar issue but I thought I'd start my own thread because my problem is slightly different.]...
  5. Moen cartridge repacement - single handle shower

    I have a leaky single handle Moen shower faucet I need to fix. I've taken off the few parts I could figure out how to get off, but I'm stuck, and I can find no signs of model identification except for the number 100575 on the object in figure 2. From digging through this forum, I figure I need...
  6. Old Pipes don't fit the new fixtures

    Hi, I am replacing the bath tub shower faucet. Original is 20+ years old with 1 inch inlet pipes. The new ones all seem to be 1/2 inch. The old one was leaking from the Cold handle. Now that I took it off and put it back on the leak is much worse. Help:wallbash:
  7. Water went bye-bye in my tub/shower

    So, yesterday I replaced the supply valves for both hot and cold water in my kitchen... I installed a dishwasher, R/O water filtration, and a disposal. Since I replaced the supply valves, I had to turn off the water to the house at the main stop... Everything in the kitchen is working the way...