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shower diverter

  1. Shower Diverter Valve Repair Problem

    I've got an ancient Delta 3 handle tub/shower faucet that's having problems with the diverter valve - water coming out of both tub and shower. I took it apart and discovered that the rubber gasket on the diverter valve was all chewed up. So I replaced the diverter (Delta replacement part 10799)...
  2. Shower Diverter doesn't work properly

    Dear experts, My shower diverter doesn't switch fully from bath tub to shower, i.e. when one takes shower, water is still running from the tub faucet. I removed the diverter, but don't see what can be wrong with it. Replacing the rubber part didn't help. I would buy a new diverter, but could...
  3. Shower Diverter Problem

    Dear experts, When using my shower, I turned the diverter handle with too much force, so now instead of having two extreme positions (tub - shower), the handle can be turned all the way in a circle. Plus now I cannot switch from shower to the tub. It is not the handle's problem, as without it I...
  4. Need advice on changing location of bath to shower diverter

    I am remodeling a bathroom that has a showerhead, pressure balance valve, and tub spout with diverter. I would like to replace this setup with a new showerhead, pressure balance valve with bath/shower diverter, and tub spout. My question is what plumbing rough-in modifications are required (if...