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shower bath water lines

  1. Tub to Shower Plumbing Issue

    Good morning! I am converting a tub to a stand up shower. When I pulled the walls down, there was a lot of old water and termite damage, so I've had to re-stud most of the walls. My issue is that the plumbing for the space (hot and cold) actually come from the slab. When trying to put up...
  2. Shower plumbing access necessary?

    My wife and I are planning on renovating our small master bathroom and I've realized there is no access to the plumbing behind the existing shower. The lines are located behind a shower liner in the adjacent guest shower, so getting to them would require removing the wall liner in that...
  3. Shower water pressure low/stopped after water heater repair

    Hello everyone I'm a huge noob on this type of work, but have a father that can help me with anything if we find an answer. I bought my house about a year ago, and after the house inspection I was told I needed to have the corroded nipples on the water heater replaced and so I had this done...
  4. Old Galvanized shower/bath inlets Relpace Pex?

    Hi! The Shower bath is nothing fancy, just two knobs Hot-cold and a knob that switches to shower-bath function. I have to replace very old galvanized inlet water pipes to the shower/bath, with pex pipe. It looks like the old galvanized pipes are threaded into the fixture(s) hot/cold that look...