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  1. Thicker Waste Elbow Gasket, Better Seat or Plumber's Putty?

    I have a leak between a newly installed bathtub (Azzura, Adora: and the overflow/drain assembly ( The leak appears to be between the bottom of the tub and the waste elbow gasket. The waste elbow seat is...
  2. Offset Tub Overflow, Plus Narrow Tub

    I'm replacing my tub and I'm in a really tight alcove (60" x 30" stud to stud -- no wiggle room). The only tub I can find that will fit is a Sterling Performa (60" x 29" -- the nailing flange goes right to the edge of the alcove!). First off, does anyone know of any other manufacturer of...
  3. Angled bathtub waste shoe

    I am trying to clean up after a nightmare job by a local handyman. After noticing the rubber washer between the outer drain and the tub, not the shoe and the tub, I unscrewed the outer drain and attempted to place the washer between the shoe and the tub. The shoe is slightly angled and very...