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  1. Floor to drop-ceiling shelving ideas?

    I would like to build some simple floor-to-ceiling book shelves in an area of my finished basement. Although it's easy, I don't want to do with the metal bracket/standard adjustable shelving - I'd like some basic built-in looking shelving. The potential problems that I see are 1) carpeting over...
  2. Affix Wood Shelving Unit to Studs

    I have a freestanding wooden shelving unit I want to secure to the studs on the wall as they're leaning forward. However, I'd only be able to secure 1 side since the studs measure ~23" apart whereas the shelving unit is 26.5" apart. What can I do to properly secure both sides onto the studs?
  3. Hanging Stuff from Wall Ties (form ties)

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Is it OK to hang stuff from wall ties that the contractor didn't break off? The unfinished portion of my basement still has these form ties sticking out of the exterior concrete walls. (see attached pictures) They are not notched like many I have seen and they seem pretty strong. I cut some...
  4. Hanging Heavy Cabinet in Bathroom

    Drywall & Plaster
    Hi all. I painted my bathroom a couple days ago and took a shelf/cabinet off the wall to do so. I have no idea how it was hanging and don't know how to put it back (PROPERLY). There were four screws visible holding the cabinet to the wall. When I started unscrewing it, I noticed the screws...
  5. Shelf Storage Unit - How to do the doors?

    General DIY Discussions
    I'm wanting to build a shelving unit with solid shelves along the back, and the doors are also shelves but at half the width. I'm concerned, as the doors will have depth (being shelves), that they will be difficult to open because they will essentially wedge against each other. So, my...
  6. Installing wood studs on concrete walls

    Building & Construction
    Hi everyone, I am trying to install a Flowwall shelf system in my garage. One of the three walls is poured concrete. I have read a lot about different concrete anchor systems and methods, however, the more I read the more confused I get at this point as there are many ways of doing this. My...
  7. Question about installing closet wire shelving

    Hello, I'm repairing and upgrading the wire shelving in our master closet. The existing single shelf recently collapsed from the weight of clothes. While I'm putting it back, hopefully much stronger than before, I'm also adding a second wire shelf to increase hanging space. In the previous...
  8. Need help with existing built-ins

    Hello! First time poster :) After gutting our house to the studs in 3/4 of the rooms, and getting many nasty expensive surprises in the process, I'm looking to do something relatively simple with the built-ins in the office/guest room. It took me seemingly forever to strip the paint, repaint...
  9. Installing Pantry Shelving

    Hello All, We are in the process of building a corner step in pantry. The two "long" walls will be 4'2" each (which will be the span of the shelves). I plan to use 9" deep shelves up above, and 12" shelves below (to store deeper items like appliances). What I'm wondering is if I run a 1x2...
  10. Open -Vented Closet Organizer Plans (help)

    Hi Folks, I promised my wife that I would build her a closet organizer. She/we want to make it out of a nice hardwood, with no plywood or MDF. We like the “Vented Design” such as: We ordered one of these for the bathroom, very nice...
  11. Problems drilling into plaster/brick wall

    Drywall & Plaster
    We live in an apartment in a 4 story brick tenement in Brooklyn. The whole street was built in the 1890s. Anyway, we're trying to hang a floating shelf on a wall between us and the next apartment. Our first attempts to hang pictures when we moved in led us to believe we've got brick behind...
  12. Adjustable basketball hoop and backboard

    Hi, I'm new to this site but have done some construction work. My biggest project was the design and construction of my 8x10 foot storage shed. I am a woman and I only weigh 120 pounds, but I built the whole thing myself and it's still standing and in great shape 13 years later. :) Now I am...
  13. Cube Storage Organizer

    I know that we have all seen the 3, 6 and 9-cube organizers a Wal-mart and Target. I am wondering if it is more cost-efficient to build my own out of real wood and stain it rather than buy the laminate one. Thoughts? Here is a link to what I am referencing...
  14. How to make recessed shelving

    How To Guides
    HOW TO MAKE RECESSED SHELVING. You begin by choosing where you want the shelves. Give yourself some wiggle room because unless you want to cut into the framing, your going to have to fit your shelves in between the studs. I cut my holes in the wall flush with the studs on each side. The shelves...
  15. Knock-down fasteners

    All, In the next couple of weeks I am going to be remodelling a walk-in closet and a pantry, and would like to create a system something similar to what the big companies offer using pre-drilled panels and the cam-style knock down fittings. Unfortunately none of the pre-fabbed systems will...
  16. Best way to drywall a "trimless" recessed cabinet

    Drywall & Plaster
    Hi all I am renovating our half-storey attic, and I plan to install shelving and drawers in the space behind the knee-walls. For cost and time reasons I would like to use some pre-built melamine kitchen cabinets for the shelving and drawer units. However I want to maintain a sleek look, so...
  17. building garage shelves

    General DIY Discussions
    hey im a nube trying to build storage shelves in my garage..the garage has concrete walls and i'm unsure about mounting anything to the walls so i was skepticle about a stand alone shelf with maybe 2 4x4's at every 6ft and some "dek-blocks" to support them...
  18. Putting up shelving in closet but walls narrow

    I'm trying to put oak shelves up in a small closet but the width of the closet begins to narrow near the back, making measuring difficult. I'm not sure how to go about this. Any suggestions?
  19. Small Animal Safety

    Off Topic
    Hi everyone, Had a sad experience today. I went to the attic to retrieve my plastic shelving unit... You know the type, cheap plastic shelves with pop in tubing you can buy at dollar stores. Perfect for attic shelving btw. Anyways...the tubes did not come with covers to go over the