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  1. Building & Construction
    Hello help! Can I shoot texture over oil based primer? if I can do I have to paint with oil based paint after? Thanks for your help!
  2. Drywall & Plaster
    Appreciate the help, restoring 1978 house on a slab in Texas - no shifting / settling history. Few years ago replaced 5/8 sheetrock ceiling section 10 x 40 by cutting out damaged setion, sistering a 2x4 to 2x12 joist, attached with screws and paper tape and regular mud. Got a minor crack...
  3. Building & Construction
    We sprayed ridgid insulation on all exterior walls and have radiant floor heat as well as wood fireplace. They are taping the drywall and the moisture is insane. It is below freezing outside and we have the heat on in the house. Is this typical or did we get it too tight? Any way to help dry...
  4. Building & Construction
    I'm rough finishing part of my barn, insulating and starting to put up some sheetrock, adding some heat but it will only be heated while I'm in it a few hours at a time. Here in upstate NY we can have cold spells where it gets below zero for a few days with highs in the teens and in the summer...
1-4 of 4 Results