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  1. Vinyl sheet flooring - silicone underneath edges?

    Loose laying vinyl sheet flooring in our basement directly over concrete pad. Basement flooded a bit recently and water got all underneath the flooring (we've got 3 bedrooms down there), meaning we had to get all furniture out so we could get flooring up so it could pain. I want to...
  2. Pergo over old vinyl sheet in basement?

    Hello all, I did some searching but didn't find an exact scenario to match this. In my basement (on this side of the house it's at/above grade) I have some old gaudy vinyl sheeting covering the floor. There's a big old ugly seam cover right down the middle and I was thinking about ways to go...
  3. Framing for Sheet Roofing over Alley (small)

    Building & Construction
    Hi guys I have a quick roofing question. I live in a terrace house with a 3m or so concrete alley separating the houses, half is mine, half the opposing neighbor, who has already extended his house to the line and up (3 floors). Therefore, the measurements I'm working with are approximately...
  4. Question re pricing on resilient flooring

    I have a kitchen-pantry and small bath to refloor. Also a garage and breezeway that has been enclosed and is living space. Altogether, I estimate about 644 SF. My estimate, not a pros. I have been looking at sheet vinyls. Would it be smarter to go for planks to cut down on waste? Or just...