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sheet vinyl

  1. Sheet vinyl over concrete porch floor

    Hi. We just moved into a home that has sheet vinyl directly on top of a concrete slab on a porch. Moisture is coming up thru the slab and to the vinyl. I really do not want to have to waste this new flooring. Can i put down 6mil plastic visqueen under the sheet vinyl? if i do, how will the vinyl...
  2. Asbestos Vinyl Sheet Flooring Questions

    Hi, I apologize for this being so long, I understand if no one reads it. Anyway, this weekend I was an idiot. I was removing ceramic tile and hardiebacker from my 30 square foot bathroom in order to put new ceramic tile down. After I got through the hardiebacker I found vinyl sheet flooring...
  3. Ripped up vinyl sheet flooring

    My husband insisted that the kitchen floor, which we are laying vinyl plank over 'had to come up' yesterday afternoon. I tried to educate him about the possibilities of the old sheet vinyl having asbestos in some part of it (3 layer was self-stick tile, i believe pretty recently...