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shed roof

  1. What type of Insulation is best? Shed-Roof - NO venting

    Building & Construction
    Hello, We are having a hard time figuring out which insulation that meets both our needs and our wallets. We have 512 s ft of ceiling and same for floor and getting quotes for $9k and that doesnt even include thewalls. Our situation: 1. We have a 4/14 pitch shed roof with metal 2. Had...
  2. Determining pitch and birdsmouth cuts

    My building I'm constructing is 12 ft wide, shed roof. The front wall is full 10' studs(plus the 3 plates) The back wall is 8' common(92 5/8") studs. I'm not using ceiling joists. I'm having a hard time figuring the pitch and how to cut the birdsmouth for the 2x6 rafters. Please help this...
  3. Converting shed to carport

    Building & Construction
    I have a wood shed that I'd like to convert to a simple carport. The roof is still in excellent condition and it sits on a concrete slab. By my estimation, if I remove the walls (wood slates), I could fit my car in there. My concern is that there may be some wood rot along the baseline. How...
  4. Screenhouse in the woods

    Project Showcase
    This thread is a follow-up to my first thread on this site, Seeking advice on framing plan, in which I received a lot of help fixing up the plans for the screenhouse I’m building at my parent’s cottage. (Mom’s had to mostly give up walking due to nerve damage, so I’m building this for her so she...
  5. Shed Roof

    Building & Construction
    I want to frame a gable roof onto my (to be constructed) 12'x24' shed/storage/workhouse. To gain more headroom--by a longer rafter run-- I want to extend the ceiling joists to about 18" beyond the wall top plates on both sides; and nail the rafter seats to the joist ends. This will give me a...
  6. my roof is leaking

    I recently added a one story addition with a shed roof to a 2 story home. The roof ends at both corners of the house where the vertical vinyl runs up the corner. The contractor wrapped some kind of tape around it but it leaked. To fix the leak, he sealed the siding to the corner with clear...