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shed construction
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  1. Building & Construction
    Here are plans for a 8' x 8' playhouse I built a couple years ago. Maybe someone will find it useful. It's my largest carpentry project and still standing. There are build photos here.
  2. Building & Construction
    I have been looking at several different companies that make the sheds on skids. I have decided on the lofted barn type in a 10x16. I also have decided on a steel clad on the walls and roof. Some of the people tell me that the steel cladding put onto osb or plywood helps strengthen the sidewalls...
  3. Building & Construction
    Hello great forum people, I'm continuing with my pizza oven project. Th oven is nearly done as the picture shows. Now I need to make a roof structure to protect the oven from the weather. I intend to do a simple shed style roof sloping front to back, but I want to add a section to it so I...
  4. General DIY Discussions
    Howdy y'all ! I am considering to buy: Any thoughts about "the good, the bad and the ugly" about that kit? Also - any ideas how much it would cost to get composite walls for that frame?
  5. Electrical
    I need to run power to my loafing shed for lights, fans and blowers for show livestock. The blowers pull almost 20 amps each so here is my plan. Underground service using 4 awg thwn in conduit. 130 ft run. 60 amp breaker in main panel Outdoor Sub panel in shed. The shed is covered on 3 sides...
  6. Building & Construction
    Just wondering if this will work as a floor and foundation for a shed. Want to keep it as low as possible on long side so want to use joists to carry the load and the end/rim joists to hold the remaining joists top hill is to the right and would use wasted space off end of retaining wall so...
  7. Carpentry
    hello, i'm doing up just an old shed thats just been sitting in the garden doing nothing. i literally don't have any experience at all at diy and was wondering the best way to have a raised bed so i am able to have a sofa ect underneath it. i was thinking 4 timber legs, 2 in the back corners...
  8. Building & Construction
    my shed foundation/slab is completely flush with the ground around it and, to make a long story short, it is not possible to dig a small ditch around to take runoff water away (to preemptively eliminate related suggestions). currently, i have sheathing hung on it but not housewrap nor siding...
  9. Gardening Forum
    has anyone got instructions for steel apex shed assembly or can anyone guide me to a link where i can download the assembley instruction thanks
  10. Building & Construction
    Has anyone used ....any positive feedback on the product? I was thinking about purchasing their product.
  11. Building & Construction
    I'm designing a garden shed and started thinking about the snow! Dimensions so far are 6ft. x 10ft. lean-to style roof with a 12 degree slope. Roof panels are 3/4" fir plywood supported by 2x4 horizontals at 12 degree slope supported on ends by 2x4 verticals, spaced 24" apart. I'm anticipating...
1-11 of 11 Results