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sewer gas smell

  1. Every time it rain our house smells like sewer! Help!

    Hi we just bought a 1955 brick house on a crawl space foundation. We've only lived here 2 weeks and it's rained twice and both times the whole house stinks like sewer. The house had been completely remodeled with new plumbing, electrical, new roof, windows, floor etc, and pretty much everything...
  2. Sewer smell in basement (with pictures)

    Evening. I'm another of those folks with intermittent sewer smells in the basement. I'll try to be brief ... I moved into this house 6 months ago. During one of my multiple viewings, there was a sewer smell in the basement of the house. An inspector determined that the smell was coming from...
  3. Basement - sewer drain

    Hello everyone, I have an ongoing problem that has been really quite embarrassing. I am embarrassed to have company over to my house. My sewer drain, in my laundry room, is in my basement - the smell emitting from it is absolutely rank and it is stinking up my entire house. The pee trap is...
  4. sewer gas smell when using washer

    We have an old house with two septic tanks. One of the septic tanks handles the washer, dishwasher and a toilet and sink. Every once in a while we would get the sewer gas smell in the bathroom when I washed clothes. I would aggressively use RID-X or something similar for a few days and the...
  5. Studor Mystery: Sewer Gas Smell

    This is nuts. Many of us have gone crazy, so we're reaching out to the world for help: *New construction project; 2 story single family SIP house with flat roof (requiring many studors----but have 2 vents to atmosphere); everything fine for one year. *Strong sewer gas smell in master bathroom...