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  1. Electrical
    Hello - We had new DSL(phone) service installed in a home we recently built. We have service coming into our home from underground conduit that runs between our house and the electric pole out near the road. The cable comes down the electric pole and enters 1" conduit and then runs underground...
  2. Electrical
    While working on some stuff I noticed an 8-8-8 (w/ ground) service entrance cable being used in a regular branch circuit. Never seen this before, is there anything in the NEC that prohibits the use of SE cable in regular branch circuits? Should this be replaced with some 8/3 romex / nm-b cable...
  3. Electrical
    Just looking to see if I can find anyone on this forum who would check a load calc for me (see below) and let me know if 3/0 copper is sufficient for service entrance conductor. I am adding a unit to a fourplex. I will hire an electrician to do the work, but in the meantime, I would like to know...
  4. Electrical
    I want to go overhead to a subpanel on a utility pole. I already have the #6 Romex wire in my attic (no longer in use), so I will make a junction in the attic, run to an eave, and mount a box on my home's fascia with the Romex inside. That will also be a junction box. What I want to do is select...
  5. Electrical
    I bought an Eaton 200A main lugs panel outdoor panel to be fed as the service entrance from the bottom with a subpanel feed out the top feed thru lugs. Eaton states in their lit that: "a standard panel can be rotated 180 degrees to allow straight-in wiring of power cables to the main...
  6. Plumbing
    Hi All, I've read previous threads about bonding Black Pipe and CSST to the Service Entrance. I WILL call my utility company to find their preferred method as in the end most threads point to that. Background : Had new gas service meter installed for a "professionally" installed gas log set...
  7. Electrical
    Our proposed new service entrance equipment is a meter socket with disconnect (200 Amp), all in one exterior mounted box. The Main Panel it feeds (in the basement) also has a Main Breaker (200 Amp). Any problem here or must the Main panel in the basement be lug? Thanks for your time.
1-7 of 7 Results