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  1. PIR motion sensor to trigger 3v relay module?

    Looking for help on my project. See image. Testing before connecting to high voltage device. This is my first attempt using a relay. Using a 3v relay triiggered by the PIR signal. As you see wired now, There is no ground wire coming from PIR only Red + and Yellow signal to relay.. The...
  2. Johnwood hot water tank sensor issue?

    I have had a johnwood hot water heater for six years. Recently i couldnt get it to turn on so i called a plumber, and they reccomended me to bybass the sensor by cutting two wires and joining them together manually and the heater resumed function. So far all seems well, but im worried that...
  3. motion sensor switch output

    Hi all. just a quick question for you. I've been replacing all my mother and fathers light switches with new motion sensor switches. These are great, but I've come across a small issue with them. Most likely just my OCD kicking in hard core, but I have 120V AC on the LINE line, and when switched...
  4. Comfortmaker RPJ2 igniter and transformer output

    I have a Comfortmaker RPJ2 that went out today. The blower will start up but the igniter (Q3400A 1040) would not heat up. I replaced the igniter/sensor and it ignited once then would not work again. I checked the voltage of the leads of the igniter from the gas valve and there is power during...
  5. Installing 3-way occupancy sensor

    Hi, I would need some help to install an occupancy sensor. I currently have two switches in my garage which are controlling one ceiling light. I want to replace one of the switches (Switch #2 in the diagram below) for an occupancy sensor. The occupancy I have purchased is a Pass &...
  6. Gas Furnace Power Venter Problem

    Hello, everyone. I have this power vent kit on my gas furnace: Actually, the vent itself is different, but the control box is the same. Sometimes my thermostat turns on the furnace, but the control box won't turn on the blower. I had a...
  7. Occupancy Sensor: Did I wire it correctly?

    Hi all, I have replaced a single light bulb in my garage with a hi-bay fluorescent fixture with a 360 degree occupancy sensor. I wired it up as I understood and the light works from the light switch, but the sensor doesn't seem to do anything. Can somebody verify if I have wired it...