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  1. Painting
    Is there a relatively gentle and safe method to get recently-applied water-based latex semi-gloss paint off a wall? Our kitchen and bath walls had oil-based paint and areas that required heavy scraping and stripping, which damaged the underlying texture. After smoothing the more heavily damaged...
  2. Painting
    We have a 1905 Victorian and due to an electrical issue, we gutted the entire house. My wife went to the local paint store in NJ and came back with Muralo Superfinish Ceramic Semi Gloss. We painted all of the new windows, and the risers to our new stairs with this paint. It's a disaster, there's...
  3. Painting
    Hi, I am repainting my house and I'd like to pick out a nice, clean, semi-gloss bright white for much of the molding/trim in different parts of the house. I looked at their paper samples, and by just with my eyes, I picked out a color called Snow-White 2122-70. It just looks the whitest to my...
1-3 of 3 Results