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self leveling concrete

  1. Need Recommendations on uneven self leveler compound

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi everyone! I’m in the process of laying new floor in in my basement. After pulling up the carpet from the previous owner it became apparent from all the dips and unevenness of the cement floor underneath that I would need to use self leveler before installing my laminate. I primed the floor...
  2. Self Leveling - multiple rooms

    I am renovating a basement suite. Currently the living room and two bedrooms are down to concrete. should I use self leveling concrete on the whole room at one time or should I it room by room. There is one bedroom in particular which is not level.
  3. Abatement Company or Self Leveling Concrete

    I started a demo of a 40 x 10 room simply to remove the carpet and lay down tile. There was of course vinyl down in 3/4 of the room, note: the sectioned i check prior had no vinyl...ugh. I have spent about 10 hours, using water to moisten the paper residual, (which may or maynot be...