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self leveler
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  1. Flooring
    Hi all, I'm close to needing to self level the bathroom I'm building in my basement, but there is a control cut that goes diagonally through the concrete floor. What, if anything, do I need to do with the control cut before putting the leveler down? Your help is VERY appreciated! Gary
  2. Flooring
    Looking for some advice... We've done self leveler before. We've done in floor heating before. We've done LVP before. Never all together in a basement though. We're currently renovating a basement apartment and decided to go with in floor heating as a primary heat source. Big regrets. We...
  3. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi everyone! I’m in the process of laying new floor in in my basement. After pulling up the carpet from the previous owner it became apparent from all the dips and unevenness of the cement floor underneath that I would need to use self leveler before installing my laminate. I primed the floor...
  4. Tiling, ceramics, marble
    My laundry room flooded due to an exterior leak and I had to pull up the vinyl. Under it I found up to 1.25" of wet, mildewed, compromised, putty-like SLC. Below it is another layer of vinyl with the top layer removed that was glued to the slab. It would seem that the builder tried to get away...
  5. Tiling, ceramics, marble
    In the saga project of my bathroom, I have finally finished re-plumbing, set the wiring up for the new lighting locale, and now I have the 3/4" plywood subfloor. We're going to put down small hex tiles that are era-appropriate for the home, however I have some questions. The floor slopes a...
  6. Flooring
    Hi I have a big mess on my hands - hope someone here can help. This is an old 1930's house, but the room I refer to must have been done more recently...maybe the 60's...? I have what must have been a carport or garage at one point. The original owners enclosed it and put down some sort of...
  7. Building & Construction
    I had to cut a hole in my concrete floor to move a drain for a shower, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how long I have to wait for the new concrete to cure before I can put self leveling cement over it (I'm putting in in-floor heat so I have to use the self leveler)
  8. General DIY Discussions
    hello, My house sits on a slab that has shifted slightly over the years and at one end of my house the parque floors have pulled away and the floor is clearly sagging. I am having carpet installed over the floors but want a quick fix before I have them lay it. Someone suggested priming the...
1-8 of 8 Results