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  1. Appliances
    So today it's finally gotten hot in Southern California, we broke out the portable swamp cooler we bought about 3 years ago. It's a Kuulaire PACK53 model It worked just fine last year with absolutely no problems...
  2. Plumbing
    I have four bathrooms in our home and we never use the shower over the garage. When I checked it out today the hot water will not come out. I have a single handle valve which starts out cold and when I turn it it moves over to hot. When it gets to the hot side, there is a little drip. I...
  3. Plumbing
    I have changed my hot and cold Waltec cartridges in my shower and want to remove / replace the threaded 1" collar extension around them however the cold is seized and crumbling. Don't want to apply heat in this area. Is there a good corrosion busting spray anyone can recommend? I cannot get a...
1-3 of 3 Results