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  1. Protection for Windows 7 in 2020

    PC Repairs & Upgrades
    Hello, I am using Windows 7 and I want to keep this system. I have changed systems on other computers and it caused software glitches that never went away. I am sure that my PC would get slower with a different system, and who knows what else might happen. I do not have time for trouble...
  2. Has a password study been done here?

    Site Help and Suggestions
    I realize that it has been a while since the new password policy was implemented and there have been plenty of people complaining about it, but I don't want to bring all of that up again. I was just wondering if you have done any analysis on your current password usage and if you have made any...
  3. Kwikset Doorknob/Lever Removal

    General DIY Discussions
    Hi, I'm new to posting in the forums so sorry if this is in the wrong place. I have a Kwikset lever exterior door handle and an odd situation. The company told me it is impossible for the hex screw that holds on the handle to be lost and the handle would never stay on without it. However, it is...
  4. Building an enclosure for a TV

    Hello all - I've been a long time stalker (reader) of the DIY Chatroom but never posted. I am hoping you guys can help me. I own a laundromat and want to hang two flat screen TV's on the wall. I have a three step security plan to keep them from walking off. One involves tethering the unit to...
  5. Chicks with tools (and know how)

    New Member Introductions
    I'm a newbie to the forum... 57y/o homeowner and addicted DIYer. 30 years experience repairing, servicing and building BMW street and race vehicles. I'm building a new garage on my property to feed my addiction of restoring old cars. I have lots of questions...
  6. 22/4 or 18/4 alarm control wire?

    I'm installing a control panel in my garage with a run in conduit I recently buried. The distance between the main panel and garage controller is about 100'. What size control wire do I need - 22/4 or 18/4?
  7. Park Bench security

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Any suggestions for economical ways to secure a couple of park benches in a semi-public memorial garden? They are nice benches and we don't want them to "walk off". The benches will be resting on soil, not on concrete pads. I had thought of burying a couple of cement blocks under the benches...
  8. Door frame reinforcement?

    Building & Construction
    I installed a new front door and plan on putting in a new back door on my house. I don't live in a bad neighborhood, but it's no Mayberry either.... I can buy a Pella door with a metal doorframe for around $700. Ouch. But if that's what will help protect my wife when I'm gone - I'm all for it...
  9. Lock for metal casement window?

    General DIY Discussions
    I have a single-pane metal casement window with a "T" crank. The vertical locking mechanism works fine, but only locks the window in a closed position. Is there a supplemental lock I can install that will permit the window to stay open slightly? The metal frame is very narrow (house built in...