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  1. Composite Deck Screws for Siding ?

    Building & Construction
    Hello Everyone, Question - Is it ok to use composite deck screws for holding T1-11 siding and/or 3/4 plywood for roofing ? I've used them and they seem to hold great, but I'm curious if there are any long term problems with these kinds of fasteners in regular wood. Thank you !
  2. Fasteners for Cedar Decking ?

    Building & Construction
    Hello - I'm re-topping my deck and looking for a recommendation on fasteners ? Material will be the 5/4 Cedar Suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
  3. Refrigerater screw hole

    General DIY Discussions
    I bought a scratch n dent refrigerater. Apparently the handle on the freezer had been bumped hard. One day the handle broke. I noticed that the hole where the screw holds the handle on was damaged. I got a new handle, but if i put the screw in, it is going in at an angle. I'm afraid the new...
  4. Problems with anchor / screw

    Building & Construction
    I am trying to put us a shelf unit in the bathroom. I went to drill for the anchors and hit something. Thinking it was a stud, I just used the screw sans anchor. However, when I went to put the screw in, it hit something "bouncy" and would not stay in the wall. I pulled the screw out and there...
  5. Window Help

    Windows and Doors
    I have a large window with what seems to be a vinyl surrounding on the outside of my house. The window is secured by 6 screws. In a recent windstorm, the 3 bottom screws got loose and now air can come in from the bottom. I am afraid it might loosen the top screws, and eventually the window might...
  6. Does this screw exist in the building trade too?

    General DIY Discussions
    Computer geeks are probably familiar with the two screws which fasten the VGA (video) port to the computer body. (I put a photo into my album) Those screws sport a hex-shaped head with a grooved hole for the next screw to go in. So a bunch of them could be screwed together into a chain, if one...
  7. Cement Board Screws for Metal Studs

    Building & Construction
    I'm having trouble finding the right fastener for putting cement board on 20 gauge steel studs. The surface will be for tile. My understanding is I should use something like #6 1-5/8 or at least #8 1-1/4 hi-low spade point or self-tapping fine thread preferably with "nibs" under the head and...
  8. What tool do I need?

    General DIY Discussions
    Can someone please help me, what tool do I need for this? The building was built in the 30's and I am not sure what tool this is. Pic attached Thanks! :vs_cool:
  9. Shower Drain will not screw back in

    My house has a handicap accessible tub insert with a door. I was clogged, so I went and got some drain cleaner and one of those plastic zip ties with the barbs on it. I couldn't get the barbs through the holes in the drain very well, so I decided to unscrew the drain cover. the drain cover...
  10. Unscrewed stair rail, anchor screw was 3" drywall, hot to the touch

    Hello! You guys have a lovely forum here and I was wondering if someone could shed some light on this. Me and the wife decided we wanted to paint some railings in our newly bought home (built 1997), and took off all the rails, which have wooden oval bases that are anchored into the wall with...
  11. Stripped Panel Screws

    My house has three Siemens panels. Two @ 200 amp and one @ 100 amp generator panel. All three panels have at least one stripped panel cover screw. Any suggestions? Thanks,
  12. Removal of screw in stripped hole on door

    General DIY Discussions
    Hello, I am trying to repair my exterior wooden front door where currently the bottom rubs on the threshold and without the extra boost from the threshold misses the latch hole for the bolt on the mortise lock. One problem I'm currently having is that on the bottom hinge the two top holes...
  13. Attaching 2x4 to floor beams

    General DIY Discussions
    So, I am wanting to hang a 75 pound MMA punching/kicking bag in the basement. I have attached a bag swivel to a thick piece of wood with the following estimated measurements: 39 inches length, by 7 1/2 width, and 2 inch thickness. This will be hanging on an exposed basement ceiling. My...
  14. Fastening a subfloor to concrete

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hello, I am about to fasten plywood to 1/3 strapping (styrofoam between strapping) overtop of a plastic 'dimpled' membrane to a concrete slab floor. My question is what fastener to use? masonry nails? Tapcon screws? Anchors? Masonry nals with a piece of solder wire? To follow up that...
  15. Attaching plastic junction boxes

    Is it permissible (by NEC) to attach a plastic junction box by running a screw through the bottom of the inside of the box into a cleat below (between two studs)? Thank you kindly.
  16. Is it too late to use exterior screws?

    A buddy of mine is helping me build my deck, and he let me borrow his nail gun. Unfortunately, I didn't pay any attention to the fact that the nails he gave me were interior framing nails, and I'm now noticing that all of the exposed nails are rusting. Unfortunately, I used these nails all...
  17. sinking fluted masonry nails

    General DIY Discussions
    I had to pick up some fluted masonry nails (grip-rite fas'ners) to mount some wood to my concrete walls. The question is, what size drill bit do I need to pre-drill the hole for the nails? The smallest bit I got is 5/32" do I need a smaller bit? The screws I got to mount the plates to the...
  18. I'll have a bunch of easy questions for you

    Easy for you that is. I have only changed outlets before so this is new to me. I have read the code and it is all straightforward and I understand most of it. But when I want to do something I'm missing a lot. Code doesn't allow me to use an extension cord nor to tap into the one circuit I can...
  19. Nylon Headed Screws - Anyone?

    Building & Construction
    My neighbor had some nylon headed screws installed on his screen enclosure the other day. Has anyone had experience with these? I've never seen anything like it. The heads were actually molded nylon and not caps. Looking for information, please let me know if you know anything.
  20. flange 1/2 in. above finished floor- what to do

    Thanks so much for the advice on this forum; it has gotten me 95% of the way through this bathroom remodel! I replaced the waste pipes and flange and then installed a new subfloor, backboard, and laid and grouted the ceramic tile. My problem is that the flange sits about a half inch above the...