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  1. Need help identifying screen size

    General DIY Discussions
    Hey all, New to the forum and hoping someone can help me out here. Parents been concerned about how Rf from a 'smart meter' might affect my dad's heart. Mom's had cancer removed and is worried this meter's going to bring it back, and they were talking about getting this here: I told them I...
  2. Andersen screen slider

    Windows and Doors
    have Andersen slider door to deck also with full screen door. screen is constantly being ripped by dog scratching to come in. looking to replace screen slider door with half screen (top) and bottom potion glass. I only see this for hinged screen doors? any help other than obvious (train dog...
  3. Where to get replacement screen door rollers?

    Windows and Doors
    I've got a few worn out rollers on my screen door and I am looking to buy replacements. However, I have not been able to find rollers that look exactly the same. You can see my roller below. Do I have to find one that looks exactly the same, or will one like the one I've linked below work...
  4. Broken wheel on sliding screen door — how to remove?

    Windows and Doors
    I've got a screen door out to my patio with a broken wheel and I can't remove the door to replace the wheel because the wheel is stuck (won't lower) so I can't remove it from the frame. I've included a photo — I was able to pull out the one side because that wheel is fine, but the other side...
  5. winterizing a porch

    Building & Construction
    I am looking to winterize my porch - ie those plastic zippered "walls" that you see either at bars or catering halls....anyone know what it would be called or where to get them??? Thanks, Adam
  6. Cole Sewell Screen Door

    I bought this house last year and I have a Cole Sewell front storm door. However, there is no screen door to go with it and the storm door gets wicked hot in the summer...I tried their site but they don't sell the full screen doors...any suggestion where I can get just the screen door insert...