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  1. New Member Introductions
    With the new wave of COVID 19 in tragic development, I think it is good to announce again. It is a small box, simple, easy to build and use when there are no disposable gloves. Αll antiseptics hurt the hands with continuous use. This box is multi-purpose and all you need is a refresh and a...
  2. Safety
    In order to be sure that you’re using your drill in a safe manner, you can follow these power tool safety tips provided by the pros that minimize your risk of accidents at home and on the job site. It is noteworthy that manufacturers of power drills constantly improve safety and they are usually...
  3. Safety
    I own a welding shop, which employs 10-15 specialists. The gloves, which my workmen have been using, are not safety oriented. With regards to welding, the gloves liquefy at the slightest heat, causing hand injuries. My laborers regularly complain about the safety of their hands. This is why I...
1-3 of 5 Results