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ruud heater

  1. Ruud model UGDG-10EAMER gone cold

    I came home to lots of cold (Michigan, 70 yesterday, 38 today - no joke). My furnace was not lit so I opened it up. We could hear the click that seemed to start things up. The blower turned on, and we could vaguely smell the gas. But the igniter is stone cold. We waited until we could hear...
  2. Ruud help

    I've a 13 year old Ruud air conditioning system includes cooler and heater. It works well untill 2 days ago, the heater stopped. When I turn it on, the blower works without heat. The Ruud model number is RCBA 4882 GG21 (also found anther model number UBHÁ J20SFCA). Please tell me what is wrong...