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  1. Mould? Rust?

    Some tile was coming off the wall next to the bathtub, and I saw what I was sure was mould. Then I thought maybe it was rust... then I thought it's obviously got to be rust. But, I really wouldn't know what "obvious" is, so was hoping someone here could get an answer from the photos.
  2. Rust window frame

    Windows and Doors
    My bathroom window (newly installed) is showing some rust on the top of the frame (please see pictures). After showering, I see some water drops (orange colored) forming on the top of the frame. What is the best way to stop/treat the rust? By the way, the bathroom doesn't have an exhaust fan.
  3. Proper way to deal with rusty natural gas pipe?

    First, some pictures: My house is 3 years old. It appears that the pipe used for the natural gas line from the meter into the house was not coated or treated in any way, and it has rusted quite a bit on the surface. This is visible from the street (meter is on the side of the house...
  4. Evaporative Cooler problems

    I have a swamp cooler, it's the only cooling system for our house in the southwest. I have no idea how old it is as we bought a foreclosed home from a bank. It is a down draft roof mount, not sure of the CFMs as the labels have all faded or fallen off, but the pump is rated at 8500. The water...
  5. Drop Ceiling has rusted tracks and mold on tiles...

    What is the best paint for the drop ceiling's rusted metal tracks to stop it from rusting anymore? Kilz rust paint? What is the best paint to stop mold on tiles? Concrobium? Thank you.
  6. Rusty lintel over garage

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hello (from first time poster) The backstory: My house, built in 1937, originally had an exposed concrete block fascia -- a short-lived design. Just as with brick, there are angle steel lintels over every opening. The house was stuccoed directly over the painted block, making bonding failures...
  7. Rural northwest Florida water - need a softener?

    We live in northwest Florida (not the panhandle) - our water compared to most Florida is actually very good - no sulfur smell etc - taste is best 'straight from the ground' water I've ever had in Florida but we have one issue - rust - we don't really have any filtration systems or anything like...
  8. New faucet, rusty water?

    We replaced our bathtub faucet because it was leaking and now when you first turn it on the water is rusty. It's only when you first turn it on. He's no plumber and just left it. I'm worried something is deteriorating and will burst one day. Also, the new faucet doesn't allow as much pressure to...
  9. Bottom of sidelights rusting, leaking into home

    Windows and Doors
    Hi everyone, Hoping for a bit of guidance. My wife and I built our home 2.5 years ago and have had so many problems I won't even get into it here. I've been keeping up with as many of the problems as I can, but don't know where to begin with this. We noticed a bit of discoloring on the inside...
  10. Refinish rusted window sill. Need advice.

    I live in NYC in a building built in 1939. I decided to refinish 2 window sills and one radiator cover. I stripped the paint with a chemical stripper and quickly realized there was joint compound underneath the multiple paint layers. Underneath that was rusted metal. Now this has turned into a...
  11. Iron In My Water

    I live in the country. My water comes from a well. There is lots of iron in the water and it comes out brown from the tap. A water company has already come and installed a rustmaster to my filtration system. The water is a bit cleaner but still has an iron smell and some brown to the water...
  12. Finally got around to that breaker

    Went in there to change one to afci and found this. Is this corrosion? And why is it only one? I know most of the house breakers are on the right, but it never feels warm or hums. I really hope this isn't going to be a another problem to have to get fixed. :( Here's a large pic of the entire...
  13. Need to replace jack post, do I need to replace footing pad, please read...

    Building & Construction
    My house is roughly 80 years old, 950sq ft balloon frame, single main 3 piece wood beam, not much by the way of surprises, pretty good condition in a nut shell. Our area was hit by a really big storm(snow, melt off, no power for days, your typical armegeddon) and we had flooding 4-5 ft in the...
  14. Dropped Drill Bit into Hot Water Tank

    So I was trying insert a Tank Saver anode rod through the Hot water outlet and I encountered a lip at the bottom of the threads that the anode wouldn't slip past. After contacting the anode manufacturer I determined that I needed a 29/32" drill bit to properly widen the opening. I didn't have...
  15. Failing at toilet repair

    Thanks to the water company giving us a $400 water bill, we discovered our toilet had a leak. I purchased a "complete toilet repair kit" and set to work. I've gotten as far as needing to remove the tank from the bowl. Only problem is the nuts are completely rusted over. I've tried Calcium Lime...
  16. Is it too late to use exterior screws?

    A buddy of mine is helping me build my deck, and he let me borrow his nail gun. Unfortunately, I didn't pay any attention to the fact that the nails he gave me were interior framing nails, and I'm now noticing that all of the exposed nails are rusting. Unfortunately, I used these nails all...
  17. water supply issues (sediment/rust/blockages)

    Shortened the post to this (long story) Basics: House is a rental I inherited. I live 8 hrs away and have to fix in my spare time due to lack of funds. House was built in 1950's. Been vacant for about 4yrs due to slow progress of repairs. Water was turned off (at main) for much of that time...
  18. Removing rust from tools

    Building & Construction
    Howdy I recently bought two pipe wrenchs that are still in working condition but haven't been taken care of. They have a lot of rust on em, do yall have any suggestions on how to remove the rust?
  19. *Painting an un-painted galvanized roof*

    Hi there,apologies if this topic has been discussed before as this is my first post, so here goes.... Im looking at painting my roof,it has never been painted before although it is fairly old.There are spots of rust here and there but not alot and by the looks of things,its only surface...
  20. Un-painted galvanized roof preparation

    Hi there,apologies if this topic has been discussed before as this is my first post, so here goes.... Im looking at painting my roof,it has never been painted before although it is fairly old.There are spots of rust here and there but not alot and by the looks of things,its only surface...