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  1. Interior Decorating
    Want to buy a new rug, currently have a 9x12 but it's awkward. Some furniture is halfway on it and others are completely. I have a couch and 2 chairs. I was thinking two smaller rugs? Would that be weird? Any ideas?
  2. Flooring
    In my hallway, on my hardwood floor, I placed a rug and a pad. Simple enough, right? But, they kept sliding to one side of the hallway after a day or 2 of traffic. So I bought some special "grip strips" (my term - i forget what they were called) designed to keep the pad from sliding on the...
  3. Interior Decorating
    My husband and I recently bought a house with a large dining room. It has lovely travertine flooring throughout but I feel as though it is too cold and uninviting. I told him that the best solution to warm up the space and make the room less echo-ey would be to purchase a rug and place it under...
1-3 of 4 Results