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  1. Tools
    Good afternoon! I hope that the great minds of this helpful forum could help me with this puzzle. I was recently given a beautiful old Craftsman Model 315.17380 router. The motor seems to work fine, and its a little rusty but I'm able to raise and lower it and turn both of the nuts smoothly...
  2. Carpentry
    Hello. I have been looking for a jig that does this type of work. Not been able to find any. Any sugestions ? Thanks for any help
  3. Networking
    Comcast says my old modem (surfboard 5101) has reached end of life and is no longer supported. I was forced to get a new modem. I now have the Motorolla SB6183 and cannot get the D-Link DIR-655 wifi router to work with it. I really don't know everything about setting it up, and everything I try...
  4. Electrical
    Hi, I have a internet router that is 2.7 inches square that needs to be mounted to the wall. What type of cage or housing would I need to keep it mounted, and safe from knocks hits. Thanks!
  5. Networking
    Looking for a new router as mine is crapping out on me. I want something with a USB port so I can hook my printer up to it. Bonus points for ADSL on the router. Anyone have experience with a unit in their home?
  6. Tools
    Hey guys... just joined the group in search of an opinion on something that has left me totally speechless. I've been an amateur woodworker for a few years now. Have spent considerable amount of money on my tools and as such I take good care of them. I have numerous Dewalt tools in my shop and I...
  7. PC Repairs & Upgrades
    I am having an issue, right now I have 1 modem (issued from comcast), connected to a wireless router for 4 PCs (2 desk tops and 2 laptops both wireless) my 2 desk tops are wired, one upstairs one down. I also have my PS3 and micro cell tower plugged into the router. The computer upstairs is...
1-7 of 7 Results