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  1. Rotten Wood After Deck Removal, Direction/Help?

    Building & Construction
    Good Afternoon, I purchased a home a few years ago with a large deck attached. I came to find that the deck was installed by the previous owners, and was not to code. It was rotting and leaning, footings were falling apart, wood was not treated, and the biggest issue... there was no flashing or...
  2. Would you Repair or Replace this Shed?

    Shed Project, not sure if it's worth repairing, what do you think? Florida's sun hits it's front all day, high humidity. I may be able to fix the doors but not sure since one is bent at the top: remove hardware, replace the rusted ones, sand off old paint, prime and paint with 100% acrylic...
  3. Flashing Advise Please

    I could really use some professional advise here. I removed a piece of rotten trim I found while cleaning the gutters. The problem is pretty apparent in the photos with the gutter removed. Water followed the roof at the bottom of the rake and found its way in because there was really nothing...
  4. House smells like EGGS!!

    Hi everyone! My husband and I bought our first house last year. It's a 20yr old house and needs a little work, but for the most part it's in good shape. Starting last year, in the cooler months, I began noticing random whiffs of rotten egg. It would only last 30-45min then disappear. We thought...
  5. front of my shower where the floor is rotten = Help?!

    Building & Construction
    Help! I have a serious issue with my upstairs bathroom floor... There is a corner just in front of my shower where the floor is rotten. It sinks several inches when pressed on and water is also leaking from the upstairs shower into my cabinets in the wall of my downstairs bath... There was...
  6. How to replace a rotten sill plate, joists, and subflooring.

    Building & Construction
    Hi guys, I have a rental built in the 1950's and recently had one of the nastiest tenants known to man move out and destroy the place. I ripped out carpet, flooring, everything. Long story short, I ran into a weak spot in the kitchen after ripping up some tile. From past expierence, I expected...
  7. Can't replace sub floor due to pipes

    hello everyone i'm currently in the process of re-doing my bathroom - new toilet, sink and fllor (1/2 " ply wood on 3/4" subfllor with easymat and ceramics) as i was doing this i noticed a few rotten pieces of sub floor wood under my old toilet- i want to make sure this are is sturdy but...