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  1. Running a few computer servers in my home, is it safe?

    Hi, i'm a computer programmer but when it comes to electrical stuff I have no clue what I'm doing. I'm trying to figure out the safety of my soon-to-be server farm setup. I have a room where I want to run a few computer servers totaling about 1760 watts 24/7. My biggest concern is the 1250W...
  2. Building up a Deeply Sunken Living Room with Fire Place

    Building & Construction
    My husband and I are interested in purchasing a home with a deeply sucken living room area (maybe 3 feet deep) with a fireplace. The sunken area is completely useless and a potential safety hazard. How feasible and costly will it be to raise the area and level the flooring? We are indifferent...
  3. How should I fill this sunken room?

    I have a sunken living room that is 19' x 14' and 4" deep. It has a 4'' concrete wall all the way around the edges. Can I just fill it with concrete or will the weight strain the house too much? A family member suggested using 1 or 2" concrete foam blocks and the rest concrete. Is this a...
  4. garage as livable space

    i have a question regarding my detached garage which seems to be lacking proper ventilation for a person to use as a living space. The garage gets really hot(especially the attic which is extremely humid). There is a regular door and a garage door but no other way for air to come in or escape...
  5. Fixing my Red Paint

    hello all, im a 19 year old Guy who just got his own room, its an attic room and i painted it a vibrant red. i thought it would be just fine however the red paint came out darker in some areas and lighter is other areas and just lap lanes all over the place. i was hopping if anyone would have...
  6. Tapping into AC Vent for Room Addition

    Building & Construction
    The previous owners added on a 160sqft sunroom to the living room. To me it serves no purpose so I want to go through the ceiling and tap into one of the home AC vents to provide central AC to this room addition and then add wood flooring and make it a study/xtra bedroom. Before I hack into...