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  1. Roofing/Siding
    I'm a South Florida owner of an older home (1940s). This year, my homeowners/windstorm insurance premium increased $2000. I've since learned that if I can get my roof to meet up-to-date codes, it would fall by more than that. I stuck my head into one of the peaked sections and confirmed that the...
  2. Roofing/Siding
    My house is a new build and the lifting straps in the rafters wore holes in my roof. Is it common practice to leave the roof in this condition or should it be repaired? The roofers just put tar paper and shingles over the holes. Please advise me on what action should be taken. Thanks for your help.
  3. Roofing/Siding
    I just bought a roofing anchor designed to install on the peak of the roof. It's two hinged plates (maybe 10 inches long) with screw holes on the plates with a D ring at the peak. Can I install over existing ashphalt shingles? Do I need to somehow find a joist to screw into? When I remove the...
1-3 of 3 Results