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  1. Grounding Rod Question in Old House

    I have a general question about grounding rods: If a residential dwelling is located in an urban setting, such that the main panel is at the front of the residence, and that the front of the property is directly joined with the sidewalk and street, and the grounding rods are installed inside...
  2. How to reattach a towel rod?

    I have a light-weight towel rod, attached with adhesive to a tile bathroom wall, that has become unattached. The rod has been up for decades (since before we bought the house). I want to reattach it with a good-quality adhesive (drilling and anchoring into the tile is NOT an option). I've...
  3. Grounds and Neutrals, What To Do? (pics inside)

    About 3 months ago my wife and I bought a house built around 1945, it has 2 wire cloth wiring for the most part, but has some newer rubber romex mixed in here and there, my question is about the electrical panel, the grounds and neutrals are tied into the same buss bar, also, their is no ground...
  4. foundation leaks

    Building & Construction
    Hi, I am intending to finish my basement but want to repair tie rod leaks in the poured concrete foundation permanently before proceeding. These are roughly 5/8" holes that have been patched with cement on the outside and inside with the center being hollow (I've drilled out the inside on...
  5. Angled Curtain Rods

    Interior Decorating
    I'm having trouble with finding a curtain rod that fits my living room window. There are 5 windows as shown in the picture. My wish list includes a continuous sheer from one end to the other. It will have decorative curtains on each end and a valiance to top it off. The problem is I may have...