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  1. How do I finish these stairs

    Hey Everyone, I want to finish these stairs but I'm not sure how. My wife would like the risers to be white and the treads to be grey (paint color that will match the vinyl flooring). I'm assuming there is a special paint for this? Will I need to prime the stairs first before I paint? The main...
  2. Hand/Guardrail needed?

    Hi, I live in NYC and just purchased a home. I am wondering if a handrail or guardrail is required on this set of stairs? I am not sure if the most up to date code requires a handrail for a set of stairs that only has two risers. They connect and entry landing and the kitchen floor seen in the...
  3. Staircase and stair area renovations

    I purchased a house built in 1987. It was in very good condition but dated and dark. I'm hoping to change that, but for various reasons I've found myself doing almost every remodeling project myself. I know quite a bit, but I don't know everything. That's where you all come in (hopefully) - to...
  4. Gap Between Treads and Risers (Rusty Baker??)

    All: I am having carpet installed in 2 weeks in my basement. They will be carpeting the stairs using waterfall method. My issue is that the stairs were previously open (no risers) and when I made my cuts for the risers, the pine boards were 1/2" short. Because of where the house...
  5. stair risers meets drywall

    Ok, long story short I recently bought a house with a partially finished basement. It had very old school carpet and the wife wants it gone. So, I ripped up all the carpet and then we both decided on floating laminate for the new flooring. I have installed laminate before with no problem...