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rim joists

  1. Small Garage Loft - Rim Joist Question

    Building & Construction
    Hi all, first and foremost my apologies for my newbie lack of proper terminology, etc. I'm weighing two options for building a small garage loft (strong enough to store 2 sets of winter tires among other smaller items). Here are some of the general details: -Approximately 4.5' x 9.5' (width...
  2. Great stuff on top of fibreglass batt?

    Hi, I have been working on insulating rim joists. So far I have pulled out all old pink batts, caulked joints, installed 2" XPS and caulked that in place. We want R20 so my next step is another layer of 2" XPS cut a bit narrower glued in place then great stuff around the foam and over the sill...